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Tackling mass crimes and serious human rights violations requires a coordinated, multifaceted approach – one that combines comprehensive investigations conducted according to the highest legal standards and navigation of complex legal landscapes. Governments and transnational corporations can readily access the necessary legal services and expertise to implement this type of approach. However, too often, the communities most impacted by mass crimes and human rights violations do not have the same access – resources are limited, knowledge sharing is scarce, and legal expertise is siloed. The Lab aims to “level the playing field” and provides a safe space for Members, partners, and impacted communities to collaborate, develop, and test innovative legal solutions.

We INVESTIGATE mass crimes and human rights violations.
We PRESERVE evidence to build cases and establish an accurate historical record. 
We LITIGATE, together with survivors, Members, and NGO partners, using multiple accountability avenues. 

Our Services

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Our multidisciplinary teams work alongside NGO partners, communities, and human rights defenders to gather intelligence and document and investigate mass crimes and human rights violations. We apply the highest standards – international criminal standards – in our investigations and build case files identifying potential perpetrators and linking them to the crimes or abuses.

Accountability Mapping

Leveraging our Members’ varied subject-matter and jurisdictional expertise and lived experiences, we map all available accountability avenues, ranging from pursuing legal actions at national, regional, and international levels to documenting violations so that survivors can create an accurate historical record. We assess the feasibility of each accountability avenue and develop a comprehensive legal strategy for implementation.


We build multidisciplinary teams to support litigation and accountability efforts on behalf of communities most affected by armed conflict, mass crimes, environmental destruction, and human rights violations. Our teams may consist of specialized investigators, subject-matter legal experts, country or contextual experts, lawyers with access to relevant jurisdictions, and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS).

Our Process

Our Investigations

Our Litigation

 If you require investigative or legal support from our Members, or if you are an NGO and would like to refer a legal matter to our network, please contact us at


conflict zones analyzed


unique pieces of evidence collected and preserved


accountability avenues pursued

Lab Impact

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