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Bridging networks that span geographies, sectors, and expertise so that communities and partners impacted by injustices can access innovative legal solutions tailored to their needs.


We access. We reimagine. We cultivate.

The Alliance is a platform that bridges networks of public interest law firms, specialized lawyers & investigators, and human rights defenders around the world in order to increase access to information and to each other. This enables efficient, innovative, and impactful solutions to injustices worldwide.


Law Firm Members are small public-interest law firms or legal entities around the world that possess geographic, jurisdictional, and subject-matter expertise and infrastructure to support domestic litigation.


Individual Members bring diverse and unique lived and professional experiences, enabling cross-pollination with our law firm members and contributing to our ability to build innovative and impactful intersectional legal teams.


We recognize the importance of collaborating with other networks, including our NGO partners and donors.


We train. We mentor. We learn.

The Academy facilitates knowledge sharing across geographies and legal fields and creates learning platforms to strengthen the next generation of lawyers and investigators and support communities and NGO partners in pursuing the most impactful outcomes.


We offer interactive and experiential learning for lawyers, investigators, and NGOs. Our training program combines theoretical knowledge with real-world applications relevant to the participants‘ context.


Our mentorship model is customized to meet the specific goals and needs of mentees. Our mentors have decades of experience in different fields and offer valuable insights, industry wisdom, and personalized guidance.


We leverage cutting-edge technology and our Members’ expertise to increase access to and deliver flexible educational programs for youth groups, grassroots activists, and universities.


We investigate. We preserve. We litigate.

The Lab conducts investigations in high-risk environments, securely preserves evidence using the latest technology, and provides a space for Members to share and test new legal strategies to pursue accountability on behalf of survivors of mass crimes and human rights violations using all available legal mechanisms.


Our multidisciplinary teams work alongside NGO partners, communities, and human rights defenders to gather intelligence and document and investigate mass crimes and human rights violations. 


Leveraging our Members’ varied subject-matter and jurisdictional expertise and lived experiences, we map all available accountability avenues. We assess the feasibility of each accountability avenue and develop a comprehensive legal strategy for implementation.


We build multidisciplinary teams to support litigation and accountability efforts on behalf of communities most affected by armed conflict, mass crimes, environmental destruction, and human rights violations.

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